Trusted and time-tested, our prepared cell culture media range includes products specially designed to support the growth and maintenance of a wide range of cells and lines. AVAM has created ready-to-use cell culture media products, in addition to concentrated liquid and dehydrated powder formulations, to fit your setup and budget.

AVAM’s ready-prepared media and convenience formats also help to save time and labor. Whether you are working with 100mL or 100L, the same considerations apply to media preparation. With our formats you can bypass over-complicated and time-consuming processes, including autoclaving, weighing out, tempering, pouring, or dispensing.We offer a variety of fill volumes, caps, bottle sizes, and containers to suit your needs.

Enabling accuracy and detection is paramount in any microbiological test. AVAM provides both prepared and dehydrated media for nearly any requirement you care to meet, regardless of your setup or budget.

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