A primary antibody is an immunoglobulin that can be bound to a specific antigen (a small molecule, protein, or peptide) with the intention of purifying, detecting and measuring it. Primary antibodies are developed as monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies using rat, mouse, goat, rabbit, and other mammal species as hosts.

Of course, various types of applications require different sensitivities, specificities, and conjugations. Fortunately, ZYVAM by AVAM Bioscience has assembled an extensive antibody selection that enables researchers to obtain outstanding results.

ZYVAM’S primary antibodies are produced and supplied in various forms, spanning crude antiserum to antigen-purified. Primary and secondary antibodies for commonly studied targets are also available conjugated to biotin and fluorescent dyes.

Our portfolio is designed to help you tackle sophisticated research, in less time and with fewer samples than other systems. We are constantly updating the primary antibody portfolio with the most cutting-edge, verified products.

AVAM’s experts are also on hand to assist you in reaching your custom antibody objectives. Contact us if you’re interested in our closely tailored antibody development solutions, spanning antigen design, purification, and screening.

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